FOODROOTZ is a unique agency specializing in developing strategic use of product / market combinations of food products on export markets. We help our clients in the food industry (medium and small size international organizations in Agri-Food & Nutrition) to develop and generate more sales and profits in export markets. Our main goal is to continuously improve the market position of our clients. We follow the trends and see what's happening outside in the export market and translate this into a successful proposition. We anchor this export-oriented thinking in your organization.


FOODROOTZ can be used for international projects in marketing, branding and sales.


The FOODROOTZ collective includes a team of professionals with a passion for food and specialized and dedicated marketing professionals having gained expertise in agro-food, food retail, foodservice and food industry.

Since 2005 specializing in the performance of freelance marketing and sales orders and interim work for senior positions.

Through specialization and creativity we are successful and distinctive from other agencies.