Customers on Food Rootz

Interim project manager commercial Rieber & Son Holland BV

"My personal impression is positive, Nico is a nice guy and passionate. He has provided us with a clear, complete and usable Export Sales Marketing with sufficient opportunities for the sales managers to follow through. The SMART-making objectives through KPI was a good move of him but for our organization still too far fetched. Nico offered plenty of support, where required, with useful input and advice from his experience. I would definitely recommend Nico as he delivered good work. Personally, I hope to continue my working relationship with Nico as I value his vision of business and network”

Marco Bolder, Sales and Marketing Director Rieber & Son Holland BV

Interim Senior Brand Manager AVIKO BV

"With regards to Foodservice in Scandinavia Nico has made the first serious steps towards supporting trade promotion and trade communication for our subsidiary in Sweden. I think this is a job well done. He made his views internally and externally visible to gain acceptance. His plan is almost finished. A new colleague in permanent employment has proceeded with his plan.

for Foodservice UK Nico has provided the necessary NPD support on the marketing department coping with work overload. The aim was to provide a blue print for a new communication plan focussed on Foodservice UK in collaboration with an external advertising agency. It was clear that the UK market needed a more pronounced role in the commercial process. Nico has succeeded. The report he delivered was good, on ​​time and holistic.

Foodservice Germany and Austria he carried out and continued the existing marketing plan. These were marketing and communication activities, such as sending out monthly image mailings, Brand News, HTML-Trend Letters, On-line marketing and conducting market research. In the NPD-arena with R & D he made process improvements for anti-splash potato slices and a better Crinkle fries. He has developed retail packaging for Indulgence Fries and organised the roll-out to customers. He has also worked on the development and introduction of Super Crunch fries. As part of Brand Activation Nico managed a successful action campaign for Steam Fresh potatoes within the Compass Group and developed a Cross Promotional Action campaign with Movie Park Germany and several Dutch cafeteria chains.

My overall impression of Nico is correct. Especially given the expected short-term deployment on various projects, he has functioned satisfactorily. Nico has demonstrated responsibility and showed commitment and initiative. He is flexible and easy to communicate with. Nico functioned with a high degree of autonomy and worked constructively with others. "

Dick van der Aart, marketing manager AVIKO BV